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#3 Bodies


Culture, Politics, Bodies & Shit

Our third issue presents a special focus on human bodies, questioning people’s relation to their own physical appearance and the role it plays in social interaction. Overdressed eastern girls still living up to the outdated standards of their grandparents. Idiotic “trendsetters” brainlessly following every new fashion hype and influencer-style. Hollywood movie makers and literary authors trying to squeeze every penny out of “once upon a time”. And don’t even get us started on today’s youth, who are not only unable to spell one word out of the Oxford English Dictionary (LOL), but are even 2 laze and ignrnt 2 artiqlate in full sntncs & wrdz...

They may be awful, but they are as entertaining as they are fascinating! Enjoy your reading, people!

◍ 160 x 240 mm
◍ 64 pp + 8 pp booklet
◍ published in 2019

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