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#2 Technology


Culture, Politics, Technology & Shit

It is a good time for awful people of all shapes... and particularly in our modern age! That's why our second issue presents a special focus on technology.

Delicate customers venting their spleen at call centre agents. Superstitious people taking advantage of red-heads to touch themselves. Vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free hipsters in your math’s teachers Birkenstocks. Egoistic Germans feeling like kings at the pool. Bolivians buying salvaged llama foetuses at the weekend-markets. Grown-ups who are taking children’s games too seriously. And don’t even get us started on these idiots and haters on the Internet...

"Brimming with humour, sarcasm, illustrations and social commentary" — Subbacultcha magazine

◍ 160 x 240 mm
◍ 64 pp + 8 pp booklet
◍ published in 2018

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